About Us

The ICC-Formation is an organization that aims to train the youth councils in Belgium and other nearby countries. We give high value on the Word of the Gospel. The gospel of Jesus Christ and his work is the only way to the salvation of people. We are all sinners in this world. With the finished work of Jesus Christ, people who have come in faith and believe in Jesus Christ, His death on the cross, and His resurrection will be saved from the depths of hell.

Table of Contents

Who we are

We are a separate section of the Catholic Church with the main goal of giving sufficient training for youth councils of schools and universities. We are a group of priests, brothers, and volunteers who are willing to train other co-laborers in the faith so that the right gospel is being shared with the youth. Another important aspect of giving training to youth councils is to make sure that the volunteers are utilizing the perfect tools to reach out to the youth.

What we offer

We build a website for those who are looking for training for their youth councils. We give training because we recognize the need for continuous mentoring and coaching not only for the trainers but also for young people. We are constantly looking to get cheap website traffic to maintain the site and engage more leaders in the church.