Activities That You Can Do in Youth Organizations


Teenagers and the youth, in general, have a lot of energy from the start of the day to the end. And if you will be conducting youth organization events for your Christian group, you have to think of creative ways to learn more about the gospel and the applications of what the knowledge that they gained to apply them in their lives. You can bring them to the Amsterdam holidays or bring them to a dinner cruise in Amsterdam if your budget allows. But you do not always have to spend that much for these youths to learn more about the gospel.

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Life groups

You can gather the young people in your church and have them form in groups of three to five. It is through conversations that most of us can talk freely and without much hesitation. The smaller the group, the easier it will be to share what each has been going through in their lives. As you develop groups, you will be able to talk about a particular set of verses referring to a specific topic. You can give them a particular material so that they will be sharing biblical concepts without leaving the boundaries of theology.

Sports Fest

Sports fest

Since young people have a lot of energy that can last throughout the day, you can create sports competitions and have the kids join them. You can even invite kids from other youth councils. Use these sports competitions to share the gospel with them. Since sports is a way of showing love and care for the brothers, you can let these young people apply what they learned from the bible. Basketball, volleyball, swimming, badminton, track and field, and other team sports will help the kids show the application of the knowledge that they have about the bible.

Purity Ball

Some youth groups offer purity balls in their organizations. If someone has to talk about sex and marriage, the best place for it would be in the boundaries of the church. Purity balls pave the way for the teenagers to know the essence of relationships and the purity of sex as God intended it to be.