What is ICC-Formation?

The ICC-Formation is a group that is under the Roman Catholic organization which aims to provide training service to youth Councils in Belgium. Since the Catholic religion is very vast in Europe, we need to make sure that these youth councils are equipped with the right tools and training so that we are all aligned in the impartation and instruction that we give our youth.

What exactly does the ICC-Formation do?

We go from the youth council to the youth council in different universities, schools, and other institutions and give sufficient training that they can use and implement in the system of education for their youth. Since we work in direct connection with the Catholic Church, you can rely on us in delivering the right doctrine that is associated with the materials that we give youth councils.

Who is part of the ICC-Formation?

Our organization is composed of priests, church staff, and full-time volunteers. We work together to make sure that all the training and packages that are implemented by the youth councils are regulated by the Catholic Church. We want to share the true gospel with the youth. They are the future leaders of our country and we want to make sure that they are receiving the best news ever.

What is the website for?

We build a website for ICC-Formation because we want the organization to be available online. We see the opportunity of the internet to reach people especially the youth. Since our target is the youth councils of schools and universities, we can immediately connect with these organizations through our website. The website will be an excellent tool that the Catholic church can use to equip councils and leaders.

What other features does your website have?

We use the ICC-Formation to provide information to Catholics not just here in Belgium but also to others around the world. Through our website, the website visitors will get updates about what is happening in the Christian world.

In what way can I partner with your organization?

You can register on our page to get notifications about our recently published content. You can also advertise on our pages. By doing this, we both help each other. We get cheap website traffic while you increase the company’s revenue.