Tips on Sharing the Gospel to Teens

The gospel should be heard by people of all ages. Our website visitors from age 1 to age 150 should hear the gospel as God designed it to be. And it is amazing how we see how the gospel of the Lord can unlock hearts, open the minds, and remove the scales of the eyes. Those in their teenage years should not be forgotten when we share the gospel. It is in this age bracket when these people develop new ideologies, establish their life’s foundation, and set goals for their direction in their career. It is also at this age when people ask about their lives. We build a website and an article to share the tips on sharing the gospel to teens.


Take advantage of ordinary conversations

Teens normally want to talk about a lot of stuff. And you do not have to look for specific topics to talk about. All you have to do is mention various points of conversations and they will always have something to say. Try to engage teens in conversations and know about what they are going through. And then, with the intentional sharing of the gospel in mind, you can share the gospel to them. With normal conversations, you can just mention what Jesus did for you and what He has done for your life.

Talk about church

As you engage teens in normal conversations, you can also share what you do in church. You can tell them about the songs that you sing during church services. You can tell them about the ministries that you participate in as part of the church that you serve. You can even tell them about the experiences that you feel and the motivation that you get from attending church. In this way, you will pique their interest and encourage them to go with you to your church.

Social Media

Use social media

In this day and age, it is quite normal to use social media to engage people. You can also do so to share the gospel. You never know who is reading your post. You can be a channel for the gospel of God to work on someone’s heart. Sharing verses can also give you a chance for teens who are seeking the Lord.