Why Should We Go on Missions?


It is a well-known verse for Christians that Jesus commanded us to go and make disciples of all nations. We are all instructed, not suggested to go on mission trips. But what do missions mean? Where does the bible tell us to go? Do we have to share the gospel on our next Amsterdam city trip? Do we need to preach what Jesus Christ did for us while we are on a dinner cruise in Amsterdam?


Missions are where we are

The mission that is being talked about in the verse is where you are right now. Yes, some churches send mission trips to volunteers and heads of churches. But not all of us are sent to a different country or nation. If we will not have a budget to go to other countries, does it mean that we will not be able to obey Jesus’ commands? No. Where you are today is your mission field. If you are working in an office, hammering in a construction site, studying in a university, or staying at home, this is your mission field. You have to recognize that God placed you in that area today for the very reason of sharing the gospel. Take advantage of your season today and let God use you in preaching his goodness and faithfulness.

Sharing the gospel

Sharing the gospel is experiencing the reality of life

When you are in the four corners of your church, you are, more or less, surrounded by Christians. These are the people who are seeking God. They want to gain more knowledge of who Jesus Christ is and what He has done for us. This is good. But as a Christian, you also should go out of your Christian world and talk to people who have not yet been a witness of Christ’s glory and love. Go to your neighborhood and talk to non-Christians. See and feel the difference of what it is like to have God in one’s life. Have the empathy to share the gospel and let them see what they need to see. Let them hear what they have to hear- the truth.